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82 Queen: Fit For A Queen

Living in Charleston we have unlimited restaurants to choose from, John and I always like to try something different each week. Usually he's the food connoisseur and picks the place, but when I found out he's never been to 82 Queen, I knew he had to try it!
Usually when we go out for dinner downtown we always go on a random week night since Charleston is so crazy busy on the weekends. So getting a Thursday night reservation was easy peasy. The whole atmosphere of this place is amazinggggg, they provide indoor seating but John and I decided to brace the August heat and sit outside in their beautiful courtyard to admire the gazebos and the twinkle lights.

With the summer heat I was just going to stick with water but the Berry Mojito sounded so refreshing. . . and it was!!! John ordered his usual Jameson and ginger but caved and got a berry mojito too!
 We started with their complimentary chive biscuits and for apps ordered their famous BBQ Shrimp and Grits and also the Crispy Shrimp Crab Rolls.

For my entrée I ordered the Fish and Grits. Yall I am a massive grits snob. . .most of the time I am let down with bland or runny grits. . . .but not 82 Queen. Best Grits. Hands. Down. The stone ground yellow grits had a thick consistency with a hint of sweetness that wasn't too overpowering. The flounder, crispy fried green tomatoes and bacon were the perfect blend and the sauce was a snazzy addition for a nice spice kick. Also, the fried green tomatoes were so perfectly seasoned that the next day heating up my leftovers, It didn't need a dipping sauce!

Its was so good that John and I went back for brunch and of course I had to order their Crab Cake Grits with a fried green tomato and poached egg. . . yurrrrm!

AR Workshop

I have found my tribe!
About a month ago, the amazing, Gillian Ellis of Coastal Bride sent me an invite to come check out the new DIY Workshop in Mount Pleasant, AR Workshop. Right when I walked in, I knew I was in heaven.

They had a retail station that consisted of jewelry, and candles; perfect for a quick gift grab. Also, an apron section, paint bar, and power tool station. They had all these different completed projects to choose from, including DIYs of their own! My personal favorite was the front reception area with the DIY Chalkboard Calendar Clipboards!!! #inlove
They had a group of us set up at one table and even had our own little station ready for the project we chose ahead of time. We had wood stain and paint options set up for us to choose from as well.
I love that we each chose something different from one another. I decided to go with Carolina in My Mind lyrics board. As far back as I can remember, my momma would always play James Taylor in the car; now if I ever feel homesick, I just put on James Taylor and I'm home :) I knew for a fact this project would be a great tribute to that.

1. We were first instructed to sand our pieces using a wood block with sandpaper wrapped around it.

2. After sanding, I put my 3 boards down as close together and used the nail gun to secure the brackets, hooks, and wire for hanging purposes.
3. Now for Staining, I decided to go with a brownish/grey and used the rag method to give that aged look.



4. As I waited for my board to dry, I picked out the precut letters of my stencil.

5. Once the letters were picked out, I used little strips of paper tape to cover the letters. Then, flipped it over and used a wooden block to rub over it so the tape and stencil would bind together. After that, I was able to pull off the stencil and attach it to the board.

6. We dabbed modge podge as primer to keep the letters sticking down so that the paint wouldn't run under the stencil.
:( Sorry y'all, after this step I was using Snapchat and forgot to save the photos :(
But after the modge podge, I just dabbed the paint, I decided to go with a nice yellow for the Carolina part and the popular sea foam blue (that everyone used haha) for the James Taylor part.

 The perfect piece to tie my gallery wall together! Yay!!!
Plus the Hello sign is a DIY from Dollar General for only $8 I spray-painted orange for that perfect POP of color ;)
Needless to say, this is probably one of my favorite projects; especially working with such amazingly, talented women :)
Here’s a group shot of finished projects.  Be sure to check out the other bloggers that DIYed with me: Coastal Bride | Fashion and Fishing | A Lowcountry Wedding Coastal Kelder
Not pictured: Me :) and Pie Crust & Pixie Dust,