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Charleston Tote

Oh Em Gee, it's been forever since I've blogged! Seriously yall ever since I got into proerty management back in July I have had zero time to craft and blog! This is acutally a project I did last year and never got around to blogging about it!

Burlap Jute/Tote $34.99

     Apolis Tote $68  

I've been dying to get a city tote once I saw one pop up online but i honestly didn't want to shell out that much when I was confident I could make it. I found this tote at Belk but Bed Bath and Beyond carries it now! This is short and sweet and so am I! So let's get started!

First, since I don't have a Cricket or Silhouette Machine, I printed off a blown up image of the font and then hand-cut my own stencil. . . which took long as hell since the font is smaller. . . but a margarita makes it go by a lot faster!
Then, I taped it down and just started dabbing the white fabric paint. Once it was dry, I peeled it back and viola! My own city tote!!! 


(As you can see from the photo, this was made last Fall at mine and John's old apartment.)

Halo Top Taste Test

About 2 months ago I took up Macro Counting. Don't get me wrong, I like to indulge once in a while and feed my sweet tooth. I finally decided to see what all the buzz was about on the Halo Top Ice Cream. 
I had assumed that the number listed on the front were the calories per serving . . . but when I found out it was per PINT. . .oh happy day! I finally found something sweet and I wouldn't feel guilty after eating. Plus its a great source of protein so I was on board!
I have listed a few flavors I tested, so grab your spoons and lets get crackin!
Oatmeal Cookie Crunch
Oatmeal, Yes. Cookie? NO.
I actually find oatmeal  to be very comforting.
 Oatmeal Raisin? HELL NAW, but Oatmeal Cookie, YAS!
The Ice cream had a nice hint of cinnamon in it and the Oatmeal 'Cookie" swirl. . . I wouldn't call it a cookie per say. But more of just a raw Oatmeal, it was Ok, but I probably wouldn't order it again. . . It has sat in my freezer for 2months now. . . the longest ANY ice cream has lasted in my freezer. . .
Mint Chip
Refreshing and Mint to be :)
My favorite flavor of all time is Mint Chip, some people are iffy about mint and chocolate but this has always been my go to flavor. I tired not to get my hopes up but OMG, this one is by far my favorite and just as good as the real thing!
Chocolate Covered Banana
Chocolate Covered Nothing . .
I was really excited by this flavor and it was a total let down. It was a VERY overpowering, generic banana flavor, with a 'chocolate' swirl ice cream. . .I didn't pick up on any chocolate taste. Plus I was super bummed there were no chunks of any chocolate OR banana in it. You know how in the movies when the girl thinks their boyfriend may have hide a ring in their dessert, so they are digging through it like a wild animal looking for something that isn't there? THATS what it was like eating this ice cream.