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My Dream Curtains 

Hey guys! So I have been OBSESSED, I repeat OBSESSED with the whole black and white striped concept for my bedroom. Like Fatal Attraction🔪🛁, Glenn Close chasing after Michael Douglas, bunny rabbit🐇 in the pot obsessed anarchy !
I Shall Not Rest till I get those curtains

Now that I have your attention :)
After searching for months for the perfect set of black and white striped curtains I honestly could not find any in my price range. I considered even trying to sew or make my own but honestly sewing is not my strong suit
However. . . spray painting is :-)
So that's right, I decided to spray paint my curtains!!😅😅
Stay tuned, because honestly the spray painting was a flop but I was able to make what I wanted.

Supplies You Will Need
Set of white curtains
2 Tins of Black Satin Paint 
Mini paint roller
Duct Tape

First off I decided to search for plain white curtains and where else can you find cheap and nice plain white curtains none other than Ikea :-) I found these Below on eBay but here's a picture and a link for the originals from Ikea.
Merete Curtains, 1 pair, bleached white, 57x98 " $29.99

So I went ahead and washed my curtains since they were used off of eBay and had a few spots. Totally forgetting that the dryer might shrink the curtains a little bit... Which they did. To 91 inches... So I was 7 inches off.  However I didn't get discouraged. 
Now here's the fun part measurement time.
1. Make sure you have enough space to lay your curtains down. I just cleared my coffee table and use the living room floor for even measurement.
2. Start measuring all the stripe measurements. I wanted thick stripes and ended up measuring off 7 blocks.
3. Using my measuring tape I measured off on both sides to make sure it was even 13 inches. Don't forget to factor in the measurement of the duct tape as well or your lines will be uneven. The measurement of the duct tape was 1 inch.

As for the next step I attempted to spray paint the curtains outside which did not work out. The spray paint just did not give enough coverage and was more of a grey. So I hopped in my car and went to the closest hardware store, True Value and got black satin paint instead.

4. When I got home I decided to lay down some old sheets over my kitchen island to minimize spills and start painting the curtains.
5. After letting them dry they were perfect!
Before                                  After

Now I'm not going to lie, they look perfect when the curtains are open however when shut there are a few spots where the light comes through the black paint but nothing too noticeable. Plus I saved around $65 just from making them myself :-)
DIY War Wounds🎨

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