Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

Happy Memorial Day everyone!🎉🎉
Last week my boyfriend John decided to make his famous she crab soup, which strictly calls for fresh seafood. While we were both out running errands I got a phone call from him raving about this market up the street from us that served lunch and had fresh local seafood. So of course I decided to meet him there and lo and behold..... 
Blackbird Market.
If you have not yet tried the Blackbird Market on Johns Island you are seriously missing out! I still cannot believe I drove past it everyday to work for over year and never stopped in until now!With local seafood🍤, homemade desserts🍰, fresh produce🍉, and local products🌴 I am currently obsessed 😨
We were both mesmerized by the fresh abundance of local seafood I swear we probably left with 3 pounds of shrimp at the end of the trip. And these weren't small teenie tiny pigmey shrimp either these were probably the size of my finger.

At the entrance was one of my favorite spots where they had fresh eggs🐣, homemade fixins🍴, and desserts including lemon bars🍋, banana pudding🍌 and hold the phone📞. .. . 
  What about that luscious tomato pie🍅🍅 with pimento cheese on top I mean can it really get any better than that?
They even had a frozen section where they had homemade raviolis including Lobster truffle yeah that's right I said it Lobster truffle. . . Grab some elastic pan👖ts on the way home yall because it's going down!
I was starting to fog up the glass at the ravioli section so I decided to waltz over to the produce section you know to seem a bit healthy😉 showcasing their vast abundance of fresh vegetables fruits, chocolate covered nuts, and homemade granola.
Just when I thought it could get any better I found a section of Southern Staples. I'm serious yall some of the stuff I found I haven't seen since I left my home of Dillon, South Carolina. Yellow geechie boy grits, spicy Blenheim Ginger Ale🍺, and 🐝Wild Honey🍯 took me right back :) 

At the checkout counter is an awesome section of local products that are made right here in Charleston South Carolina .
has several varieties of seasoning salt selections for you to use at home for all your cooking needs.

 has an amazing handmade selection of candles, lotions, body scrubs, and soaps. They even have a full selection of Charleston inspired scents including Shag, Southern Sweet Tea, Caramelized Pralines, and my personal favorite, Charleston Black Tie, which are manly blend of peppercorn and leather.

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