Poppin Bottles

As most of you know  I  am  a big trivia fan, including wacky holidays.  So each day if I have enough time to remember I like to Google what what holiday it is  and yesterday was
 🐀🎒National Pack Rat Day!!!🎒🐀
When I got off work I decided to clean out some stuff out of my craft closet. . . . hopefully in the future I will have a nice little workshop. Anywho, I found some old empty liquor bottles from when I used to bartend. I used to save patron bottles the most because of their unique shape you can use them for SO many projects.
I decided to do two, count em TWO different projects in the blog today.
*Make sure to wash out both bottles before crafting*

For the Patron bottle I decided to wash and peel off the labels and stickers. And make it into a Bubble Bath container. Just pour your favorite bubble bath in the bottle, my favorite is Mr. Bubble :-) now you can use the cork stopper that comes with the Patron bottle but I use a wine stopper I had instead. I got mine from Francesca's a few years ago but there is a link below for one similar at Amazon.

Black and White Hatbox 👒 $3 Dollar General
Chanel Chance Perfume $124 Chanel
2oz Serenitea Candle🌼 $7.49 Soy Delicious
Body Concepts Pineapple🍍 Makeup Remover Towelettes 
$3.99  Marshall's

Now for the Jack Daniel's botte, I decided to Fashion it into a soap pump bottle for my bathroom but it can be used in the kitchen as well. Try and find a large pump for the bottle preferably from a large shampoo bottle. I got mine from Starbucks while I was waiting for my matcha tea I noticed the syrup bottles thought why not ask the checkout girl and she just smiled and gave me one.

So the pump does not screw onto the bottle so what you're going to do is take the Jack Daniel's cap off the top of the bottle and drill a hole in it right in the middle enough for the pump to fit through. 
I used my electric drill and it worked perfect. Once you are able to fit the bottom of the pump through the hole just hot glue it to the pump and it will screw right on to the bottle.
After that just for your favorite hand soap or dishwashing liquid into the bottle, I used my favorite Dawn Pomegranate Hand Renewal Soap $3.97 which is BOTH! 
🍍Pineapple Tea Towels🍍
 $12.95 each Cotton and Birch Co

💎Jewel Box $2.50 and Jewelry Plate💎
(gift from my home girl Dina👑) from Marshall's

Sprinkled Cupcake Candle $3 from Target🎯

Picture Frame (gift from my BFFF Traci💜) Walmart🔆

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