Put Some New Shoes On and Suddenly Everything's Alright

So. . . I was I told at work today that my snazzy Leopard loafers that I have been sporting over a year are prohibited against the dress code😒😒. . .
Just call me a rebel.
When I asked what would be appropriate they just said, " As long as they are black it's fine.".
After that I decided to Google some snazzy black slip on and came across this AMAZING pair that I just was not willing to spend that much on, so of course I decided to make them myself 😊
Nine West Bluechip Satin Slip-on Sneakers SOLD OUT

I went to the closest Walmart, which let me be honest . . .. I hate going to Walmart. Now don't get me wrong I love Walmart and they have such great deals but everytime I go I have to give myself a pep talk. 
" you can do this youre a strong woman,  just keep your head down get in as fast as you can and get out as fast as you can. . . BREAK!"
My Bountiful Loot 
Sorry guys the black out contraband consisted of ice cream and batteries. . . So only really spent $18 for this project

1. Hot Glue GunπŸ”₯⚠
 I swear I think I have maybe ten of them around the apartment. . #addict
2. Canvas shoesπŸ‘ž
I lucked out and these were the last ones and on sale for only $2 I mean you can't beat that.
3. Craft JewelsπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž
I have to admit these were the most expensive part but they were so worth it and I definitely needed 4 packs.
1. Get that hot glue gun going.
2. Apply hot glue to gem and press into the shoe fabric. If you want to be safe and see if you have enough stones you can figure out beforehand on jewel placement.  . .I just winged and honestly had JUST enough for the shoes.
3. Set aside and let dry.

Finished Product
Super stoked with the end results!!!  And spent under $20 on them! I may have to make a matching pair in white. . . Hmmmmmm

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