Down on Copperline

🐫🐫Happy hump day yall!🐫🐫
I don't know about y'all but one of my favorite musicians is James Taylor. There's just something always so comforting in his voice and growing up I remember my mom would always play his music. So something about it always makes me feel nostalgic.
 Especially his song Copperline.
So out of inspiration from the original JT . . . . .
I decided to add a little bit more copper to my kitchen :-)

I have spray painted my kitchen aid before, first it was white, then it was a pistachio green, and then last year I spray painted it a light pink.
Now that live with a man I wanted to change it up a little bit so we have a little bit more of a butch mixing contraption. 
The cutest thing would be to see my 6'2 boyfriend using a dainty pink KitchenAid. So today we are going to spray paint!!

First things first . . .
 I'm the realest
And never underestimate the power of spray paint.
I was thinking of doing gold but I decided to Jazz it up with copper to give it that must Moscow Mule finish.

1. You're going to want to clean it first, if you don't you will basically spray paint on the breadcrumbs and crusty crusts and no one likes that.
2. You're going to want to start taking and unscrewing things off of the KitchenAid . .  . You can still see some of the Green from the last time I spray painted it :-)

3. Once you unscrew the back plate off you're going to expose the motor in the wires.
Red wire blue wire red wire blue wire which one?!?!

4. It's much easier if you grab a plastic sandwich bag and go ahead and rip the cord up and then wrap it and stop the motor and take the edging. Last time it took me forever to take off the cord and this way is much easier.

5. Make sure to tape off any area that has a hole you really do not want this spray paint getting in the motor. I just found out (keep in mind this is my third time spray painting The Kitchen Aid) that you can pull back the silver logo label. Make sure everything is unscrewed I use my snazzy Pink Verbena screwdriver πŸ˜†πŸ’ž

6. Also make sure to set the screws and knobs aside somewhere safe because they will roll off and your dog will try and eat them.🐢

7. Let's step outside shall we
Make sure to lay down old sheets or cardboard. I've been using old cardboard 4 projects for ever and that's usually the best option. Also stand upwind when spraying spray paint :-) and try not to spray paint when it's windy outside. I still have copper flakes on parts of my skin.

8. After letting it dry for maybe 10-15 minutes you're all set :-)
Finished Product

🐢My pug Gus was my little helper 🐢
And yes. . . . He has his own Instagram: 

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