"OK, Take Care, Aloha . . . Dont They Just Start Over Again?"

Aloha y'all!πŸ‘™πŸŒž Summer is officially hereπŸŒžπŸ‘™ and I have been shopping around for the perfect Beach tote. Which I found. . .Yay!!!

The only problem?
πŸ’ΈThe price.πŸ’Έ
Just call me a basic kind of gal but I think it's ridiculous to pay over $100 for a beach tote.

So after 2 weeks of searching high and low for the cheapest possible straw bag the best selection I found was definitely at Target :-)
Is it even came with its own tassels!!!!😲😍

TARGET Merona Beach Tote $34.99 

Once I got home I pulled out all my paint brushes πŸ–Œand paint and then started to work on a stencil. Honestly I probably could have printed off something and then stenciled it, but I decided just to freehand it and lucked out with cute font.
I taped the stencil onto the bag then started painting.
It's best to start with white paint white paint really helps color POP especially on a neutral background like a straw tote. 
I know what you are thinking,
" Why not spray paint?"
 But I thought spray paint would be too messy and bleed on the bag so I stuck with regular paint.

I initially had my πŸ’š set on Green but sadly it did not πŸŽ‰popπŸŽ‰ and all I had left in the house was pink paint so I decided to do a few coats and viola!!!!
The one regret that I do have is I wish I would have capitalized the first level letter A but hey what are you going to do?
 It still looks pretty awesome and I saved $73!!!!
  Which I can use for tropical drinks🍹 when John and I go on VayCay this week!

Goodwill Hunting

πŸŠπŸ³πŸ„πŸŸHappy Shark Week yall! πŸŠπŸ³πŸ„πŸŸ
Or is it Merry SharkWeek? I always forget . . . .anyhoo this week I'm talking about one of my favorite shopping places. . . .GOODWILL.
I used to hate going to Goodwill as a kid. . .
 And Lowe's (everytime my parents would watch Bob Villa I knew that this was it and we would have to schlep all the way to Lowe's agh)
 But now as an immature adult I LOVE GOODWILL (and Lowes)πŸ˜‰
Now I know there are some of you that probably aren't fans, but seriously all you need is 

1. 🎨A little imagination🎨
Everything and anything has potential, I suggest also to pull up some stuff from Pinterest you may have found in the past to inspire you.
I spotted this outdoor loveseat and knew with just a little spray paint I could bring it back to life. I didn't even have to sew new fabric for the cushions. Instead I got these large coffee burlap bags at a local coffee shop for free, and the cushions slid right in the bags.

This outdoor love seat was only $20!!!

2. πŸš—Car Space πŸš—
The last thing you want is to find a great treasure and not have room in your car. I had a rude awakening today, John and I found this awesome distresseday cabinet for out place. But after driving an SUV for years I totally forgot . . . I drive a Kia Soul now. Luckily by some miracle we were able to fit it in the car. . . But it took some doing.
This was a steal at only $29

3. πŸπŸ‘€Take a Second LookπŸ‘€πŸ
When I first saw these pineapple candle wall mounts I actually put them back. I thought to myself that candle wall mounts weren't  my style but then right before checkout I went back and grabbed them and realized I just had to unscrew the candle part and they made a perfect wall hook instead! 

These were only $10 total, total steal compared to original price!

4. ⚠Never Underestimate the Power of A Hot Glue Gun⚠
After seeing these candle holders I knew I could make them into something awesome with mason jars, fabric trim, and also pearls. These were perfect for organizing office supplies, or even makeup brushes.

The candle holders were only 99 cents each!

I know this purchase wasn't a Goodwill purchase but it was a total steal  . . .and yall know how much I love pineapples πŸ˜„πŸπŸ
Only $1  each at Family Dollar 
John blended in with this snazzy love seat πŸ˜‚