I Don't Do Barre. . . But I Have One😆🍾🍸🍹🍷🍺🍻

Hey yall! I know it's been SO long since my last post, but things have been so busy for me lately. But this project is 0ne I've wanted to do forever. 
So I've been 😍obsessed😍with gold bar carts and honestly couldn't find one that WASNT in the 3 digit range. So I finally decided to take to the magical website haven of . . . 
*drumroll please*

👆I found this bad boy 👆
for less than $30!!!
Sorry to break yalls 💔s but it is SOLD OUT
But the one below is a GREAT alternative. . . I'm almost tempted to get this one too! 

Now when you first get the items out of the box, put the legs and handles aside to spraypaint and dry.
 ☄ Anything silver. . . Just spraypaint it gold☄

Honestly guys I was so excited when it got delivered I forgot to take pictures of the packaging. 😊😊
And during construction I was so frustrated I forgot again 😆😆
It was a pain to put it together, now don't get me wrong, it looks simple. .. but the instructions were completely absurd. But 2 hours and one  
🍷bottle of wine later🍷
.  .  . it was done.

Straws: Target
🐆Leopard Shaker: Marshall's 
🐂Moscow Mule: Marshall's 
🍾Polka Dot Carafe: Marshall's 
🍭Naughty/Nice Wine Glasses: Marshall's
💕Inflatable Flamingo: Ebay
🍷Gold Wine Glasses: World Market Set of 4 $23.96
🐍Python Trays: Ebay or Amazon Set of 3 $120
🌞Make Today Lovely Towel: Wal☉Mart 
🍍Pineapple Art: Me👱🍍🎨
🌹Urchin Highball Glasses: The Blush Label $75
🌹Gillian Fern Coasters: The Blush Label $16

🌹🌹Both amazing gifts from Pink Verbena🌹🌹

The cool thing is it comes with a slide in shelf, which I used for various coozeys, coasters, bottle openers, and straws. 

🐶👑Gus Approval 👑🐶