Chanel Nightstand. . . Chanel-o!!

So have you ever loved a perfume so much you just wanted a barrel of it?. . . 
😊Yea me too!😊
So this is a DIY of mine from a few years ago.. . 
But I didn't have a blog then so here we go!
👇I first got inspired when I found this beauty👇

First, I decided to take to social media for assistance. 
You can buy metal drums at Home Depot or Lowe's for 💰$50- $60💰
You can search Craigslist or Facebook Virtual Yard Sale.
🚘I lucked out with my friend, Alex who's relative owns an auto shop.🚘

Next, I started cleaning.
This metal drum formally held transmission fluid so🌊 I made sure to wash out the inside several times. 🌊
After that it took a whole can of black spray paint to make it flawless.
🎨After that I slapped on some white decal stickers from my local Michael's craft store.🎨
I did use a final coat of clear gloss spraypaint to give it a gloss finish AND to create a seal for the decal stickers to prevent peeling.
**For a matte finish, opt for a matte spraypaint and skip the gloss sealer**

💕After 2 years, I'm still in love with mine.💕
For those who want matching his and hers metal drum nightstands I do suggest
💙Jack Daniel's or Jameson💙
theme for your men!!!
And for you fancy broads, such as my homegirl, Hagan, there is a 🍾Veuve Clicquot one. . .🍾

☡For you advanced DIYers.  . .☡
I do suggest to try and use you carpentry skills 👇for this advanced shelving drum👇
I was DYING to do this to mine to maximize the storage for it!!!! However, I must acquire these snazzy tools first!

Pink Verbena $50 Haul AND $100 VISA GIVEAWAY!!!

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2. Comment on my website below and also Pink Verbena Webpage and comment #pinkverbenachallenge


😄Yay it's Here!😄
It's here!
It's really here!!

This has been it the making for quite a bit and now it's finally finished! 
When I started blogging this past May I was totally clueless (still learning yall) but was at ease when I teamed up with 🌹Shantel of Pink Verbena🌹 and 📽Vive Media🎥!!!
She proposed that I spend just $50 on room decor and there was only one rule. . 
💵Stretch a Buck💵
After a week of hitting up bargain stores I came up with alot of amzing things.

Below I have listed all of the price items for the haul.
 🤗There were 26 items!🤗

Walmart Storage Tub: $5
Walmart Better Home and garden Towels(2): $5 each
☄Monogram Cups (3): 88cents each☄
Mainstays Gold PlaceMats(4): $1.90 each
🐓Rooster kitchen Towel: 88 cents🐓
Arrow Kitchen Towel: $2
Storage Cube: $5.50

🌿Family Dollar Succulents(3): $1 each🌿

Goodwill LeafPlatter: $1.91
🍷Goodwill Wine Jug: $3.19🍷

Dollar Tree all $1
 Medallion Water bottle
🖊Glam Pen🖊
ABC magnets
Cupcake Puzzle
☕Coffee Filter☕
Ice POP Maker 
🍰Cupcake Holder set of 2🍰

Bookcase for a Nutcase

Hey yall!
So even though I am approaching 29. . . I still LOVE PB Teen Bedding and furniture, however looking at the prices I'm like, "Ummmmm, what kind of teen is able to afford this?" I mean, I'm almost 30 and most of their stuff is totally outta my price range.
So for a few months now I have been searching for something similar to this bookcase.
Yeah, lemme just call my Butler to grab the money out of my hot air balloon. . .NOT!
So after a nice long pep talk in my car, I walked into my local Walmart.
I also came across a few online options, but honestly I'm weird about buying furniture online.
While in the furniture department, it's like the Bargain God's were calling to me. . .
and there it was. . .
like a hopeful beacon. .
 (Not bacon, BEACON . . . but now I want bacon)

The Last One

I threw it over my shoulder like a fairytale giant and sprinted to checkout, happy as can be,  laughing like a serial killer! 
(Kudos to my homegirl Karen)
 Once I got home I was like a little kid on Christmas morning, I could not wait to rip the box apart.
After spray painting all the metal parts, I started to assemble.
(Which btw Mainstays is much easier than Ikea)
It literally took me maybe 10-15 minutes to put it together.

The shelves that it came with had little holes in it, but I decided to use marble shelf liner to cover them to give it a more polished look.
And I have to say that it is not flimsy at all!!! It's very sturdy and I love it!!!!

Fake it 'Till You Make It

😄Happy 🍟day Yall!!😄
So after being plagued with writers block I finally have some awesome projects for yall!! 
After a few days of bargain and Goodwill Hunting, I found some awesome deals for knockoffs I've been wanting. Usually if I find something online or out and about I take a 📷screenshot /picture 📷&save it for a rainy day,
which thanks to 🌀Hurricane Hermine🌀
I got inspired! 

🍍1.Pineapple Decor 🍍
✋Don't start yall, ✋  
I found this online a while back and was DYING for one 
But then, I found this little beauty at Goodwill for $5. . .
I shall call him Fred

and I think he needed me just as much as I needed him. 
I was really considering keeping it the way it was but decided to bite the bullet and use 
(drumroll please) 
after a mild makeover of just white and gold spray paint AND gloss spray (this really makes it super shiny like a dewy Kardashian)😃 it was awesome! 

🌿2. Succulents 🌿
OMG. . . . Even the word alone just makes me relaxed and chill 
Succulents are seriously THE most low maintenance plant. . . and what's more low maintenance than a low maintenance plant? 
Especially for someone who has a black thumb like myself. . . fake plants are
tha bomb dot com. 
But honestly yall, even the fake ones are pretty pricey. . . even at ☉Wal*Mart ☉they are STARTING at $5 
However, I lucked out and found them at Family Dollar for 
ONLY $1 EACH!!!!!!!
I seriously had to grab a full tray and head to check out at this point. 
I did the similar spray paint like the pineapple with white and a nice gold dip, which took tape and patience.

I have seen these everywhere I go, these amazing Gold Leaf Platters/Trays but so out of 💰my price range💰, until I found one at Goodwill FOREVER  $1.91. 
I actually picked it up and left it. . . but in the middle of checkout I went back and knew exactly what to do with it.

It was totally sticky and crusty. . .but after a good 🛀Dawn bubble bath🛀 it was ready for spray paint. .. .alright now I know I go overboard with the gold yall 😜

BUT the good news is if I decide to change to silver its easy peasy. I also suggest for a more vintage and worn look to use a good wood stain just to accent the grooves.

🎸4. Vintage Rock Shirt 🎸
Now I know this is a random using clothes, but one of my FAVORITE bloggers is👱Barefoot Blonde👱, Amber Fillerup Clark. She is so stinkin adorable and her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts are always on point! The Girl can seriously do no wrong, 
So if you haven't heard of her, seriously check out her blog at
Barefoot Blonde and instagram @amberfillerup. 
😍Soooooo, a few weeks ago I fell in love with a tshirt of hers. . . 😍
A Rare  Ramones Tee

I was not about to dish out that much dough for a tshirt, so I took to the internet and yall 
I am seriously no joke when it comes to searching for products on the internet. 
I finally found one ALMOST IDENTICAL from
💀Hot Topic💀
Hot Topic Ramones Tee $16.40
All it was missing was the yellow background, 
So I pulled out some fabric paint and a brush and was finished in 10 minutes. 
I was worried it would dry hard or flaky, but it worked out perfect, and no fading after washing :o)