Bookcase for a Nutcase

Hey yall!
So even though I am approaching 29. . . I still LOVE PB Teen Bedding and furniture, however looking at the prices I'm like, "Ummmmm, what kind of teen is able to afford this?" I mean, I'm almost 30 and most of their stuff is totally outta my price range.
So for a few months now I have been searching for something similar to this bookcase.
Yeah, lemme just call my Butler to grab the money out of my hot air balloon. . .NOT!
So after a nice long pep talk in my car, I walked into my local Walmart.
I also came across a few online options, but honestly I'm weird about buying furniture online.
While in the furniture department, it's like the Bargain God's were calling to me. . .
and there it was. . .
like a hopeful beacon. .
 (Not bacon, BEACON . . . but now I want bacon)

The Last One

I threw it over my shoulder like a fairytale giant and sprinted to checkout, happy as can be,  laughing like a serial killer! 
(Kudos to my homegirl Karen)
 Once I got home I was like a little kid on Christmas morning, I could not wait to rip the box apart.
After spray painting all the metal parts, I started to assemble.
(Which btw Mainstays is much easier than Ikea)
It literally took me maybe 10-15 minutes to put it together.

The shelves that it came with had little holes in it, but I decided to use marble shelf liner to cover them to give it a more polished look.
And I have to say that it is not flimsy at all!!! It's very sturdy and I love it!!!!


  1. This is an awesome DIY! I've done the same thing with an Ikea bookshelf. It's amazing what a can of paint can do!

    1. Thasks Kelly!!! It truly is, who knew something only $3 could totally revamp it :)

  2. I like the size of your shelf better!! This make just what I need for my living room and a fun project as well!!

    1. Aimee I think there are 2 left at the Folly Walmart. . . 😉

    2. Aimee I think there are 2 left at the Folly Walmart. . . 😉

  3. Spray paint does wonders! And I love the marble liner on top!

  4. Love how this turned out! I'm all about gold spray paint, it makes such a difference!

  5. Love the PB Teen Maison Bookcase but not the price. You DIY bookshelf looks great!

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