Chanel Nightstand. . . Chanel-o!!

So have you ever loved a perfume so much you just wanted a barrel of it?. . . 
😊Yea me too!😊
So this is a DIY of mine from a few years ago.. . 
But I didn't have a blog then so here we go!
👇I first got inspired when I found this beauty👇

First, I decided to take to social media for assistance. 
You can buy metal drums at Home Depot or Lowe's for 💰$50- $60💰
You can search Craigslist or Facebook Virtual Yard Sale.
🚘I lucked out with my friend, Alex who's relative owns an auto shop.🚘

Next, I started cleaning.
This metal drum formally held transmission fluid so🌊 I made sure to wash out the inside several times. 🌊
After that it took a whole can of black spray paint to make it flawless.
🎨After that I slapped on some white decal stickers from my local Michael's craft store.🎨
I did use a final coat of clear gloss spraypaint to give it a gloss finish AND to create a seal for the decal stickers to prevent peeling.
**For a matte finish, opt for a matte spraypaint and skip the gloss sealer**

💕After 2 years, I'm still in love with mine.💕
For those who want matching his and hers metal drum nightstands I do suggest
💙Jack Daniel's or Jameson💙
theme for your men!!!
And for you fancy broads, such as my homegirl, Hagan, there is a 🍾Veuve Clicquot one. . .🍾

☡For you advanced DIYers.  . .☡
I do suggest to try and use you carpentry skills 👇for this advanced shelving drum👇
I was DYING to do this to mine to maximize the storage for it!!!! However, I must acquire these snazzy tools first!


  1. I would have never thought to make a side table out of a metal drum - great idea!

  2. Wow this DIY is seriously cool!

  3. What an AWESOME craft, love how this turned out! The revised Chanel No 5 scent is absolutely amazing, I'm hooked!

    Erin, Attention to Darling