Modgepodged Awesomeness

🕎🎁🎄Happy Holidays Everyone!!🎄🎁🕎
I've been DYING to do a blog on these ornaments for a while. As you get older, things change and you end up moving around alot and end up misplacing stuff.
Including your Christmas ornaments.
About 3 years ago  I decided to make my own.
1.Modge Podge Gloss
Any kind should be fine, I just happened to already have this kind at home 
2.Creatology Wooden Slats
These are a godsend! I got mine from Marshall's, but I'm sure Hobby Lobby, Joanns, Walmart, or Target may have them.
4. Print Outs of Pictures and Quotes
I just found photos on Google from my two favorite Christmas Classics
🍭Christmas Vacation and Scrooged🍭
5.Hot Glue Gun
6. Decorative Tissue Paper
I happened to have some laying around the house and yall this is PERFECT FOR MODGE PODGE!
💫7. Glitter for accent  (optional)💫
8.Paintbrush (optional)
😈I honestly just used my fingers like a savage😈
Let's get started!
First things first. . .
ha, never gets old

🔥1. Fire up that hot glue gun.🔥
2. Lay wooden Slats on tissue paper and trace to fit. Once you're done cut the pieces and modgepodge them on the wooden Slats.

 (MY TechniqueAKA The Birdcage Technique: Smear a thin amount on the slat, place the tissue paper on top and apply another layer to Smear. Don't dab.)
3. After the tissue paper, use the same technique to apply the photo and caption.
4. Once your pieces are dry, use the hot glue gun and ribbon for the back so you'll be able to hang it on your tree :)

I also did the grinch who stole christmas 

And of course The Nightmare Before Christmas :)

This is a perfect activity for the kids to! But put end a tarp if there is glitter involved!