White Chocolate Pistachio Amish Friendship Bread

 Those of you who are near and dear to me, there is one thing you know about me. . . 
 I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth🍦🍩🍰🍫
I also am an avid baker and my favorite guilty pleasure is put on Food Network to any baking challenge.
Now beleive it or not, for a girl who is pretty thick, I seriously am a healthy eater, but I work at a spa that consists 99% of women and I can guarantee that at least once a week. . . Someone brings in cake, brownies, cookies,etc  
Last week my coworker, Julie brought in an amazing cake and 4 zip lock bags of goo. . .

She then explained to me it was a starter bag for
 💚Amish Friendship Bread💚
I went ahead and posted the recipe below and followed all the steps throughout the week.

As stated in the recipe, you can use ANY pudding flavor and add in nuts, chocolate, etc.
After searching Pinterest I saw ALOT of banana variations and me being the eternal wallflower I decided to do my favorite pudding AND COLOR HA. . . .

After that I decided to add in slivered almonds and white chocolate chips.
**I suggest to tread lightly with the choclate, mine melted so much that my cake almost seemed undercooked**
**Also, I left out the cinnamon for taste**

When you're done you have 2 cooked loaves (one I took to work, the other. . . Well let's just say there was a Kids Baking Challenge on🐷)  and then 4 starter bags to give to friends, hence "Friendship" Bread 😁

Kate Spade Inspired Wreath: All in Good Taste

I have always flip flopped on what personal decorating style I wanted for our home. After months of Pinterest searches I have fallen in love with the crisp and fun look of the Kate Spade. 
Back in November when I was experimenting with farmhouse decor I had made two magnolia wreaths and sadly over the course of that time the leaves dried out. Instead of throwing the styrofoam wreath away I decided to recycle it and make it in into a Kate Spade creation for our patio.

Hot glue gun
White and black duct tape
Styrofoam wreath (recycled from previous diy)
Fake Flowers (Dollar General $6)

Start wrapping the white duct tape around the wreath, the best technique is to leave little slack from the roll and keep wrapping until covered. Repeat with black tape.

Next is the flowers, I got mine from Dollar General for only $6. I went ahead and removed all wiring and green wax from the base and started to hot glue to the wreath.

For a final touch, I found this M from a former project (I'm sure you could buy one similar from Walmart or any craft store) I added it to the wreath which gave it the perfect pop of gold! 

This Is My Art and It Is Dangerous: DIY Gold Urchin

Hey yall! For this week I decided to finally attempt to make this cool sculpture that I have seen on a few home blogs.
I found out the technical term for it is either a Gold Starburst or Gold Urchin sculpture.
And honestly y'all I didn't even have to leave the house to get the supplies because I already had them in my craft closet.

Does anyone else love Beetlegeuse as much as I do?
I mean I seriously feel like Delia Deetz most of the time, plus this DIY is my art and it is dangerous
. . . because it's made out of sharp toothpicks.

Gold Metallic Spraypaint
Metal Base
(I had an old, short candle stick holder that I found, I was able to unscrew the stem and flip it over to use as a sturdy base)

1. Make a Styrofoam Ball
You are able to find styrofoam balls as a pack at Walmart or any craft store for around $5.
But I already had a styrofoam block from a package and decided to just cut my own sphere.

2. Toothpick Placement
There is no right or wrong way to do this y'all, I seriously just started sticking toothpicks in, just make sure to play around with angles. It does not have to be perfect. 

3. Spraypaint it Baby
This step is the easiest part :) just to warn you though, try not to spray the styrofoam to much. I found out a few diy's ago that styrofoam tends to dissolve if too much spraypaint is applied. Also, I don't know about y'all, but I don't have a spraypaint station anywhere, so I have a few cardboard boxes I stash away to use that does the trick.   

DIY Ornament Wreath

🐪 Happy hump day y'all!🐪

Now I know Christmas is over but one of my favorite times to shop is right after the holidays for Christmas ornaments and decor! I know we can all be fickle and change our minds within a year but come on how can you beat 75% off of merchandise. 
 Once I got to Walmart to see what was left over I realized why not do a fun pastel color palette, that way I can at least use the wreath during Easter as well 🐣🐇

😱The whole loot I got was only $11😱

Assorted Ornaments
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Styrofoam Wreath
2 Sets of Tinsel 

1. Fire up the glue gun
Make sue you have more than one and plenty of glue sticks, in this project I used at least 6 glue sticks and good thing I have at least 5 glue guns since one of them gave up halfway through this project.

2. Wrap the Wreath 
Wrap the tinsel and secure the ends to the wreath using the hot glue gun. I used both gold and silver, this adds extra bling and dimension.

3. Decide on a Layout
I personally figured out my layout first to see what colors would look best together, also to make sure everything would fit to avoid gaps.
*Be sure to leave room for the wreath to fit on your wreath hanger or else it may fit too loose or risk breaking an ornament*

4. Start Glueing the Ornaments
For the first row I started in the inner part of the wreath, once I got to the second row I realized it's easier to start glueing the ornaments together as well side by side. Try not to push too hard or you may risk breaking the ornaments

Please feel free to share your creation with me, I would love to see it!
*Make sure to store your wreath carefully to avoid breaking your masterpiece.*

Can't wait to hang this up for Easter and in December. . . . The countdown begins!

A Robe to To Dye For

Happy New year Yall!
One of my resolutions is to get back to blogging more often. Now that I actually have a laptop and not working from my phone I am hopeful that I can stick to blogging at least once a week.
A few months ago I lucked out on a Flora Nikrooz Showstopper Robe on ebay at massive discount.

I've had my eye on a black one for a while but the only bummer is the only color it came in was light pink. . . .which let's face it, only Blanche Devereaux can pull that off.
So I decided to try out fabric dying!!!
. . . I had No IDEA what I was doing.
After figuring out what material the robe made out of I went to RitDye website to see which products to buy and the people were so helpful and answered my questions immediately!

Let's get Started!

Clothing Item
Large Stock Pot
2 Bottles of Fabric Dye
An Old Spoon
2 Old Towels

1. Prewash/wet the clothing item
2. Use enough water in the stock pot for the material to move freely.
3. Heat water just below boiling STOVE TOP.
4. Shake RIT bottle before using and slowly pour in stock pot, one bottle is enough if going any other color but  I used 2 Bottles in the color Graphite.
**You can only dye fabrics darker. . . You can't go lighter**
5. Mix well and then use a paper towel to dip in the pot to see if the color is to your liking. 
**If too dark, add more water, if too light add more dye**
6.  Add the clothing piece for 30 minutes, constantly stirring.

7. Carefully remove from pot and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. 
8. Machine wash with 2 old towels and then hang to dry.