A Robe to To Dye For

Happy New year Yall!
One of my resolutions is to get back to blogging more often. Now that I actually have a laptop and not working from my phone I am hopeful that I can stick to blogging at least once a week.
A few months ago I lucked out on a Flora Nikrooz Showstopper Robe on ebay at massive discount.

I've had my eye on a black one for a while but the only bummer is the only color it came in was light pink. . . .which let's face it, only Blanche Devereaux can pull that off.
So I decided to try out fabric dying!!!
. . . I had No IDEA what I was doing.
After figuring out what material the robe made out of I went to RitDye website to see which products to buy and the people were so helpful and answered my questions immediately!

Let's get Started!

Clothing Item
Large Stock Pot
2 Bottles of Fabric Dye
An Old Spoon
2 Old Towels

1. Prewash/wet the clothing item
2. Use enough water in the stock pot for the material to move freely.
3. Heat water just below boiling STOVE TOP.
4. Shake RIT bottle before using and slowly pour in stock pot, one bottle is enough if going any other color but  I used 2 Bottles in the color Graphite.
**You can only dye fabrics darker. . . You can't go lighter**
5. Mix well and then use a paper towel to dip in the pot to see if the color is to your liking. 
**If too dark, add more water, if too light add more dye**
6.  Add the clothing piece for 30 minutes, constantly stirring.

7. Carefully remove from pot and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. 
8. Machine wash with 2 old towels and then hang to dry.

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