Kate Spade Inspired Wreath: All in Good Taste

I have always flip flopped on what personal decorating style I wanted for our home. After months of Pinterest searches I have fallen in love with the crisp and fun look of the Kate Spade. 
Back in November when I was experimenting with farmhouse decor I had made two magnolia wreaths and sadly over the course of that time the leaves dried out. Instead of throwing the styrofoam wreath away I decided to recycle it and make it in into a Kate Spade creation for our patio.

Hot glue gun
White and black duct tape
Styrofoam wreath (recycled from previous diy)
Fake Flowers (Dollar General $6)

Start wrapping the white duct tape around the wreath, the best technique is to leave little slack from the roll and keep wrapping until covered. Repeat with black tape.

Next is the flowers, I got mine from Dollar General for only $6. I went ahead and removed all wiring and green wax from the base and started to hot glue to the wreath.

For a final touch, I found this M from a former project (I'm sure you could buy one similar from Walmart or any craft store) I added it to the wreath which gave it the perfect pop of gold! 


  1. I loveee Kate Spade and this wreath is gorgeous! Great job!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh - you've done it!! This is so perfect, and everything Kate Spade!! I think the sparkle monogram is my favorite part. Great job!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. The flowers are teh perfect colorful touch!