White Chocolate Pistachio Amish Friendship Bread

 Those of you who are near and dear to me, there is one thing you know about me. . . 
 I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth🍦🍩🍰🍫
I also am an avid baker and my favorite guilty pleasure is put on Food Network to any baking challenge.
Now beleive it or not, for a girl who is pretty thick, I seriously am a healthy eater, but I work at a spa that consists 99% of women and I can guarantee that at least once a week. . . Someone brings in cake, brownies, cookies,etc  
Last week my coworker, Julie brought in an amazing cake and 4 zip lock bags of goo. . .

She then explained to me it was a starter bag for
 💚Amish Friendship Bread💚
I went ahead and posted the recipe below and followed all the steps throughout the week.

As stated in the recipe, you can use ANY pudding flavor and add in nuts, chocolate, etc.
After searching Pinterest I saw ALOT of banana variations and me being the eternal wallflower I decided to do my favorite pudding AND COLOR HA. . . .

After that I decided to add in slivered almonds and white chocolate chips.
**I suggest to tread lightly with the choclate, mine melted so much that my cake almost seemed undercooked**
**Also, I left out the cinnamon for taste**

When you're done you have 2 cooked loaves (one I took to work, the other. . . Well let's just say there was a Kids Baking Challenge on🐷)  and then 4 starter bags to give to friends, hence "Friendship" Bread 😁


  1. Oh my gosh this looks absolutely amazing!! I need to try some! xo

  2. Never heard of this, but I love the idea! Can't wait to give it a try!