DIY Meets Fashion Brunch

Hey Yall!!! So sorry it has been a while, the planner in me has been very busy and I’m excited to finally post a new project. 

So for this project Ireana of XOXO Joelle reached out to me for collaboration. She shared with me what DIY project she was interested in and it was this adorable eyelash shirt.

We decided to make it a brunch day as well since we both are off Sundays and made a day of it. We popped the bubbly and put on the new Bruno Mars Album and nothing could stop us!


Stencil of Lashes 
Black Fabric Paint 
Duct Tape 
Cardboard or Old Giftbags 

1.        The first thing we did (besides pouring mimosas) was to print off the eyelash stencil.  I basically enlarged the eyelashes from the shirt above and printed them off. Sadly I do not have a Cricket or Silhouette machine so I freehand everything.

2.        Try on your shirt first to get an idea of where you want the lashes place. . . . the last thing you want is to have them crooked or too high or low for your girls.

3.        Place shirt on a flat surface and tape off the edges of the stencil onto the shirt. 

4.        Before you start to paint you want to make sure the paint doesn’t bleed to the back of your shirt. This is where the cardboard/gift bag comes in; place it inside the shirt under the stencil placement. 

5.        Start painting! Since our stencils were just paper and not decals you need to make sure to paint AWAY from the edges. Also, the paint acts as a sticky surface itself to keep the little lashes to stay down and stick to the shirt. If you have a few spots of white that’s perfect for the aged/ distressed look. 

6.        Use your hairdryer on the cool setting to dry the paint, I was surprised how quickly the shirts dried, took maybe 5-7min tops. 

7.        Moment of truth . . . peeling off the stencils. Yall I’m not gonna lie, I was REALLY worried about using flimsy paper with paint on fabric. But Oh my lanta it came out PERFECT!!!!