Hosting My First DIY Workshop

Hey guys so I am super excited to write this blog, about a month ago I did my first DIY workshop. My apartment complex usually has random workshops for the residence and the property manager, Taylor asked me if I would like to host a DIY night. Naturally of course I jumped right on board, the hardest part was deciding which workshop to do.
 I didn't want to pick anything that was too difficult but also nothing that's too elementary for the residents. After racking my brain for a good week and a half I decided why not do handpainted customized wine glasses. 
I already know I really wanted to do the large stemless wine glasses, the next part was to decide if we wanted to do glass or the durable hard plastic. 
Here's the thing :
1) if you choose glass you're able to set the paint in an oven that way it's dishwasher safe BUT if it breaks . . . You're up a creek without a shovel
2)if you choose the durable plastic it's not guaranteed dishwasher safe for the paint, however it's shatter proof and you can take it by the pool

I eventually decided on the durable plastic, and sought out dishwasher safe paint. After running a few painted ones through the dishwasher, the paint passed the test and totally dishwasher safe!
 I was worried about little or a few turn out for the event but we had about 20 people show up. Everyone had so much fun and I never knew we had so many talented people in my apartment complex! I'm definitely ready for my future DIY workshops!

Silouette Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! 
Every year I feel it gets more difficult to shop for my parents . . . i’m not the only one alone on this am I? 
I know, I could grab them a gift card somewhere, but anyone who knows me knows that I love to put lots of thought and time into my gifts.
And guess what. . . this year you can too!! 
Last December I was trying to figure out what to get John’s sister and her husband, Karen and Miles. I wanted to make sure it was easy to transport back to New Jersey, but also make sure it was something thoughtful. 
I have yet to post this DIY and decided this project would be PERFECT for a Mother’s Day gift. . .so get ready to make your momma cry cause this is a good one. . . as strictly a Mother of Pugs 
(not dragons, for all you Game of Thrones fans out there) 
I really might try these for Gus and Pearl. 
All gathered from Dollar General mind you ;) 
Photo Frame 
Black Poster/Construction Paper 
Profile photo of Subject 

1.        You need a few good profile photos 
(be that of yourself or another child or sibling) 
I had messaged Karen to send me a few profile photos of her 2 lil mcnuggets, Broderick and Rowan. Once you have them, print them off, make sure it fits your photo frame you’re using. 
The last thing you want is to spend all this time on it and then they don’t fit the frame. 
2.        Start Cuttin Up 
Cut out every detail from curls to lashes, which I promise, the eyelash part can be the hardest part sometimes. Make sure to use super small and short scissors . . . the best ones I use are actually from the makeup section for eyebrows lol ! 
Just be patient and if God forbid you snip off something, just make sure you have backup print offs to start over and that this is just the demo you’ll be using to trace on the final. 
Now don’t get me wrong, you COULD cut your time in half and just modge podge the profile picture onto the black construction paper and THEN cut, but I prefer the longer way, that way if your mom wants to change it up and flip the silhouette facing right or left she is able to do so. 

3.        Trace and Repeat 
Using your pencil, trace the silhouette onto black construction paper.; I did run into a bit of a hiccup with Rowan’s. Babies don’t really have the ability to hold up their own head  so I just used her brother, Broderick’s silhouette to trace the same neck behind her head for Rowan. 
4.        Frame It 
The hard part is over yay!!!! Now, just simply place them in the fame. I don’t use modge podge or glue because the stencil stays in place in the frame. Plus, If you want to jazz it up for your mom, use cool patterned scrapbook paper as a background for each season or holiday!

DIY Gone Aray

Hey y'all! IM BAAAACK!
I had surgery a month ago and have been off my game on th blogging so here I am, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to blog.
So part of being a DIY blogger is that things can and will go array lol! When you are working with spray-paint or any craft materials you are experimenting and its totally unpredictable. Not all of my projects come out perfect. . . .And this is one of them! So I decided to write a blog on when your projects don’t turn out as planned.
I have been dying to finally finish this DIY for over a month now. All over Instagram  I have seen these cool bright orange Hermes serving trays and of course had a Megan moment, “Hay! I can make that!”

The easiest part was my trip to Walmart finding the products to use. For a while I kept my eye out for a serving tray at Goodwill but it just never happened. I lucked out at Walmart and found a wooden serving tray and then bright orange spray paint. Once I got home, I spray-painted the tray and then waited. . . .for 2 months.
The hardest part by far was the Hermes stencil. I sadly don’t have a Cricut or a Silouette machine and thought that I would be able to find someone to print one off for me, but didn’t luck out.
So I printed off a logo from the printer 

One hour and 30minutes and severe neck pain later. . .  the stencil was finished

Once I took measurements to make sure the stencil was even I taped it onto the tray and started painting.
I had two different types of paint to use and started with a Painters Pen . . . after only a few letters, I had a bad feeling.
Yup, the paint bled through. 

Good thing I was able to peel off the paper stencil and blot it dry. Since one side of the tray was ruined I had to switch to the other side and hope for the best since this was my last shot.

I measured and taped off again and then started with black fabric paint using a sponge brush.
It turned out messy, but at least I keep in on a low shelf and no one can tell unless they are REALLY close. 

Another project that goes array for everyone is spraypaint.
I've done it several times and regret it, luckily all you need is some Easy Off oven spray, let it sit and absorb and BOOM, it's like it never happened. . . .but seriously do this outdoors with a mask!! The fumes from the Easy Off spray are brutal.