Hosting My First DIY Workshop

Hey guys so I am super excited to write this blog, about a month ago I did my first DIY workshop. My apartment complex usually has random workshops for the residence and the property manager, Taylor asked me if I would like to host a DIY night. Naturally of course I jumped right on board, the hardest part was deciding which workshop to do.
 I didn't want to pick anything that was too difficult but also nothing that's too elementary for the residents. After racking my brain for a good week and a half I decided why not do handpainted customized wine glasses. 
I already know I really wanted to do the large stemless wine glasses, the next part was to decide if we wanted to do glass or the durable hard plastic. 
Here's the thing :
1) if you choose glass you're able to set the paint in an oven that way it's dishwasher safe BUT if it breaks . . . You're up a creek without a shovel
2)if you choose the durable plastic it's not guaranteed dishwasher safe for the paint, however it's shatter proof and you can take it by the pool

I eventually decided on the durable plastic, and sought out dishwasher safe paint. After running a few painted ones through the dishwasher, the paint passed the test and totally dishwasher safe!
 I was worried about little or a few turn out for the event but we had about 20 people show up. Everyone had so much fun and I never knew we had so many talented people in my apartment complex! I'm definitely ready for my future DIY workshops!


  1. How cool that they offer those types of things at your apartment complex!

  2. what a great idea! this sounds like a fun night. I wish my old apartments had these sorts of things.

  3. So fun, what a great idea!!! I love the cheetah print in the last photo!

    Erin, Attention to Darling