Haint Blue Bar Stools

So I have been dying to do something with these chairs.
They were actually from a friend of a friend and were used for outdoor chairs for a bar top table. But John and I realized they go better inside at our kitchen island.
With so many different pops of color in our apartment I was indecisive about what color to paint the stools.  . . but finally made a decision.

 I LOVE this color becauase it reminds me of a nice haint blue. Notorious for usage here in the Lowcountry, haint blue is believed to protect a home from evil spirits (AKA haints). Typically painted on porch ceilings, the blue symbolizes water which spirits are unable to cross. I know whenever we buy our first home I will definitely have to continue this custom. But since we are currently in an apartment and can't paint every porch ceiling above us. . . bar stools it is!

2 Bar Stools
Spray Paint
Gloss Spray Paint
Electric Drill
1. First, I unscrewed the seats using my electric drill.
*Once I find the perfect fabric I will recover the seats*

2. I made sure I had my "spray-paint station" setup.
I typically use cardboard boxes from packages received.

3. Start Spraying!
Always make sure you are standing upwind when spray painting. . . I cannot stress this enough.
I used about 3 coats and then finished off with a nice gloss spray.


  1. These came out so well!! Give me anything and everything haint blue - such a pretty color. Great job, Megan :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  2. That color looks so great in your kitchen! I have the same type of "spray station" too haha.

  3. I love that little pop of color in the kitchen! So cute (and totally on trend right now, too!)

  4. love the haint blue! It looks great!!