Taco Tuesday Bike Crate

💃🏼🌮Happy Taco Tuesday!!🌮💃🏼

One of my favorite things about Charleston is there are ENDLESS options for Taco Tuesday 🌮 AND that we are very bicycle friendly 🚲
So I decided to recreate this cool bike crate with supplies I already had on hand.

wooden crate
foam paint brush 
letter decals

Step 1: Paint the entire crate with 2-3 coats of paint and let dry.

Step 2: Once the crate is dry pull out your handy dandy measuring tape to figure out even placement of your decals. Once you figure that out, stick on the letters and spray with clear spray paint to set and that's it!!

So I didn't have the black stick on letters I wanted; just white and gold. SO I went the long route instead because I was too lazy to battle traffic on the bridge. 😝
If you don't have the color letters you like just use the sticky background and then use a foam paint brush to paint the letters on.

I put my crate out on our patio for a pop of color, plus it holds all of our plants.
If you DO decide to use this for your bicycle; make sure that it's the right size and not too heavy or large!!!

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