Halo Top Taste Test

About 2 months ago I took up Macro Counting. Don't get me wrong, I like to indulge once in a while and feed my sweet tooth. I finally decided to see what all the buzz was about on the Halo Top Ice Cream. 
I had assumed that the number listed on the front were the calories per serving . . . but when I found out it was per PINT. . .oh happy day! I finally found something sweet and I wouldn't feel guilty after eating. Plus its a great source of protein so I was on board!
I have listed a few flavors I tested, so grab your spoons and lets get crackin!
Oatmeal Cookie Crunch
Oatmeal, Yes. Cookie? NO.
I actually find oatmeal  to be very comforting.
 Oatmeal Raisin? HELL NAW, but Oatmeal Cookie, YAS!
The Ice cream had a nice hint of cinnamon in it and the Oatmeal 'Cookie" swirl. . . I wouldn't call it a cookie per say. But more of just a raw Oatmeal, it was Ok, but I probably wouldn't order it again. . . It has sat in my freezer for 2months now. . . the longest ANY ice cream has lasted in my freezer. . .
Mint Chip
Refreshing and Mint to be :)
My favorite flavor of all time is Mint Chip, some people are iffy about mint and chocolate but this has always been my go to flavor. I tired not to get my hopes up but OMG, this one is by far my favorite and just as good as the real thing!
Chocolate Covered Banana
Chocolate Covered Nothing . .
I was really excited by this flavor and it was a total let down. It was a VERY overpowering, generic banana flavor, with a 'chocolate' swirl ice cream. . .I didn't pick up on any chocolate taste. Plus I was super bummed there were no chunks of any chocolate OR banana in it. You know how in the movies when the girl thinks their boyfriend may have hide a ring in their dessert, so they are digging through it like a wild animal looking for something that isn't there? THATS what it was like eating this ice cream.

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