Charleston Tote

Oh Em Gee, it's been forever since I've blogged! Seriously yall ever since I got into proerty management back in July I have had zero time to craft and blog! This is acutally a project I did last year and never got around to blogging about it!

Burlap Jute/Tote $34.99

     Apolis Tote $68  

I've been dying to get a city tote once I saw one pop up online but i honestly didn't want to shell out that much when I was confident I could make it. I found this tote at Belk but Bed Bath and Beyond carries it now! This is short and sweet and so am I! So let's get started!

First, since I don't have a Cricket or Silhouette Machine, I printed off a blown up image of the font and then hand-cut my own stencil. . . which took long as hell since the font is smaller. . . but a margarita makes it go by a lot faster!
Then, I taped it down and just started dabbing the white fabric paint. Once it was dry, I peeled it back and viola! My own city tote!!! 


(As you can see from the photo, this was made last Fall at mine and John's old apartment.)