Charleston Halloween Dessert Tour


John and I are such foodies so last year for the holidays we asked for the gift of adventure and received certificates for Charleston Culinary Tours. 

They do so many fun, ever changing tours!

**Also, during the pandemic they are operating smaller tour groups of no more than 10 to practice distancing and prevent overcrowding. Which I applaud them for and prefer the smaller groups! **

So when we heard they were doing a Halloween themed one. . . there was no stopping us.

πŸ’€ Dessert with DeathπŸ’€

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*This tour is still available on weekends November- December!!!*

Consisting of a 5-course dessert menu, each one were themed to reflect Charleston’s most iconic tales of murder and tragedy.

We arrived Halloween night and decided to park on Church Street across from the Dock Street Theatre so we would stroll around to see our lovely city illuminated in light and shadows from the full moon. 

Once we arrived at the set location, we were delighted to see that the evening would be set in a 19th century dining room with subtle, yet gothic decorπŸ’€

Each course had a dark theme. . . . 

Dirt Cake, focusing on stories of ghosts of Charleston buried alive πŸ˜³

Simple Funeral Cake was accompanied with storied of pirates, prostitutes, and missing limbs. . . oh my!

My FAVORITE was the frozen coffee/brandy drink called, The Whisper. 

Paired with the chilling story of the first female serial killer, Lavinia Fisher of Charleston. 

She was hanged in 1820 and used her last breath to scream, 

"If any of you have a message for the devil, tell me now, for I shall be seeing him shortly."

 Did you just get chills? Because I sure as hell did . . . 

The Almond Brittle Ice Cream with Gold Benne Wafers was paired with melancholy tales of Charleston ghost brides. 

One of which was Harriet Mackie.

Harriet's father was the richest man in South Carolina. Sadly, her parents died when Harriet was only 12. . .leaving her as the sole heir of the family fortune. 

At 17, she met and fell madly in love with a young man. They were set to be married at St. Michael's Episcopal Church with a large, social wedding. 

 She died the night before her wedding, and was discovered the next morning wearing her gold bridal gown. Rumors circulated she might have been poisoned by cousins set to inherit the family fortune upon her death.

 Some people still see her at St. Michael's Church waiting for her special day that will never come.  


All in all, we had a great time and will definitely be doing another ghost and culinary tour!

6 Fierce Women Halloween Costumes for 2020

Hello Troops! This year has already been overload for all of us of us especially with an election year. No need to stress over last minute costumes! I lined up 6 costumes that are easy to throw together or accessorize through Amazon finds!

 1.The Notorious RBG
Necklace, Crown, and Gloves from amazon.

2. Gloria Steinem
My blue light glasses I use for work are from Amazon. I made the ERA button from a candle tin lid and a picture of the original ERA button. 

3.Frida Kahlo
Dress and earrings I already owned. Plastic Succulents as well, I just used Bobby pins to keep them in place ;) 

4. A Women’s Suffragette
I used a white sun dress of mine over a white button up with my hat from a hardware store. The sash I draped over me was from Michaels. 

5. Rosie the Riveter
Y’all this is the easiest!!! I used red lipstick and a red bandana I already had. The shirt is actually my husbands for a fun, oversized look. 

6. Lady Liberty 
I literally used two pillowcases for the top: one to wrap like a strapless and one to drape over my shoulder. The crown was made from . . . . Paper plates from target!!!